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What Happens when you Upgrade Existing Solar Panels?

In the era of global warming when the whole world is blazing and the non-renewable source of energy is being dissipated at a rapid rate, almost everyone would agree that investing in solar panels was the most amazing decision ever. By opting solar energy, you are not only reducing the energy bills but also helping the ecosystem. Like every technology out there, this renewable source of energy has also upgraded.

Now, with the arrival of new technology, it is possible to produce more power and hence, you can save more. If we talk about the old generation inverters, those inverters used to generate low output to all the panel units. And, this can become fatal to the overall system if a panel gets damaged. If the power optimizers are added, then the cumulative loss can affect the other units in the string. To save the existing panel from all these mishaps, it is utmost important to upgrade existing solar panels.

Apart from the benefits, there are other benefits of upgrading the system as well. In this article, we would talk about glimpses of the few benefits. Without further ado, let’s roll the intro and come to the point.

#1 - More Power Generation

Well! It has been proven that with time every system becomes prone to damage and wear. The same thing can happen to a power optimizer as well. It has been seen if the power optimizer is upgraded or in a simple phrase, if a new one is installed, then the power generation improves to a significant level.

#2 - More Warranty

Well! The early generation of solar inverters usually used to come with a 5-year warranty. In the past decade, the industry of solar energy has evolved a lot. The new generation solar inverters are pretty apt and powerful. You would usually get at least 20 years of warranty. So, if you are still in a dilemma whether to upgrade existing solar panels or not, then it is time to make your mind because the 3rd one is pretty important too.

#3 - Improves Safety Measurements

It has been seen quite often that standard inverters produce high DC current that remains live even when the power of a house is down. And, this can cause serious casualties like a big fire. The new age inverters make sure that nothing that sort of thing happens.

Overall, if you want to make your existing solar panel safe, healthy, and more productive, then there is anything that can replace the necessity of Upgradation. An upgraded solar system can take you one step closer to make the system more eco-friendly.

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